ForexTradingCourse_vWe have prepared a course on Forex, free and available online on our site. And ‘it thought for all our loyal readers but also for new ones, who want to deepen the topic of trading on the currency market, the Foreign Exchange Market.
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In our course we start with the basics, therefore also suitable for beginners, for those who do not chew much finance or those who want to learn. The lessons quickly become interesting and will immediately switch to the practice, with references to graphics functions available on the platforms, which makes it even more exciting for those who are not a beginner, but has not studied some topics, such as the interpretation of the indicators , which allow to obtain the input and output signals in a negotiation.
The course, in the update, it is structured as follows:

An introduction entitled Good Reasons to Operate on Forex, in which we explain what are the advantages of working at this market than others.
Lectures on the technical aspects, both basic and advanced: terms, quotes, platforms, orders, stop loss, brokers, pips, overnight and more.
Lectures on theoretical aspects: indicators, strategies applied to the indicators, statistics, tools
Lessons on the practical aspects: how to apply the indicators and analyze charts
Ready to provide updates on promotions, functionality and Forex Strategies

The tools offered by brokers often offer new features and we will always be ready to remind you of the arrival of new indicators for the Forex, new promotions, new offers for existing members and new ones.

In addition, we will keep you updated on new strategies most used by traders around the world, after our own assessment, so as to present only the strategies that deserve your personal assessment.

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How to start trading on Forex

Considering the above, we invite you to start trading on the Forex. To get started, download the free demo Forex simulator offered by Plus500, and then put into practice what is explained in the course, as you read. This way, your experience is sure to be more fulfilling and exciting.

Recall that the course is in renovation and new lessons will therefore be published periodically.

Here’s an access to all the lessons, forex, from first to last written.

Preface – Good reasons to trade on Forex
Lesson 1 – Forex Terminology
Lesson 2 – Forex Quotes
Lesson 3 – Forex Brokers
Lesson 4 – Choosing your Forex Broker
Lesson 5 – Details on choosing your Forex Broker
Lesson 6 – leverage in Forex
Lesson 7 – Egsample Forex Margin
Lesson 8 – Forex Stop Losses – Risk Management
Lesson 9 – Forex trading hours
Lesson 10 – Value of a Pip
Lesson 11 – Calculate the value of a Pip
Lesson 12 – Closing a Forex trade
Lesson 13 – All about Forex Pips
Lesson 14 – Forex orders
Lesson 15 – Scalping Forex
Lesson 16 – Forex economic indicators
Lesson 17 – Forex fundamental analysis
Lesson 18 – How economic indicators affect currencies
Lesson 19 – Guide to Forex indicators
Lesson 20 – Understanding Forex indicators
Lesson 21 – Daily news and Forex trading
Lesson 22 – Correlation between various currencies
Lesson 23 – Forex carry trade explained
Lesson 24 – Hedging in Forex
Lesson 25 – Support and Resistance
Lesson 26 – Trading with Support and Resistance
Lesson 27 – Forex Pivot Points
Lesson 28 – Inflation Deflation Recession